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Unfiltered and Unfettered covers politics, social and cultural issues, from a no-nonsense, logical yet common guy approach
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October 2014 Episodes:
  • Pub Date: Oct 30, 2014
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  • Alright, we know you've all been waiting so pop some corn, pull up a seat and get ready to be spooktaculared.

    The Dead Pool
    Kim Jong Un gets ready for the spooktacular by purging his cabinet. No, not chucking his lima beans and old pork rinds, the boy assassinated 10 of his advisers from the royal cabinet. AWho's running this government? Great question, we have no answer.

    Paul gets Randy
    Kentucky Senator and 2016 Pres hopeful ups the ante by shifting his campaign away from the republican primaries and towards the national race by attacking Hill-Dogg. Mitt did this to great effect during the republican primary in 2012. He won the nomination with that strategy. Can Rand out-Mitt Mitt? Paul obviously thinks Clinton the women to beat on the Dem side. The question is can he do it?

    T-Nak is back! And he's brought all of his friends, most residing in the deep recesses of his nether world connected mind. It was a spooky event, with a freaky, unprecedented ending. Trust me you don't want to miss this.

    Click the link or Hupp will haunt your house... and eat all of your double stuffed Oreos.

  • Pub Date: Oct 23, 2014
  • UFUF66: D is for dummy...
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  • UFUF66: D is for dummy...

    ...and delusional, derp, Davis, and Democrat. Yes it seems the folks who have been running rings around the republicans and the tea party when it comes to winning elections have decided to take a page from the losers. Good strategy. You don't want to seem piggish and win em all.
    So Wendy Davis imlodes on her bid for Texas Governor, Charlie Crist out use car salesmans Scott for governor of Florida, and Kay Hagan is a no show, yeah a no show for the only debate between Senate Candidates for the seat she currently occupies.
    is for Davis...
    And all the dumb things she does. After bashing her opponent for being wheelchair bound, she calls him out on his lack of opinion over an interracial marriage ban. Well for starters Ms Davis, there is no such ban proposal. Secondly Ms Davis your opponent in in an interracial marriage. Exactly how do you think he feels about it?
    D is for Didn't Know That...
    Three american female teens are apprehended in Germany on their way to join ISIS. They claim they were fulfilling a vision. Hey ladies envision this; reports are that in most ISIS controlled cities, labor camps are filled with women who are rapped repeatedly through out the day. Every day.
    D is for Debates Not Worth Having...
    Charlie Crist and Rick Scott put on a chilling display of dumb during the Florida Governor's Debate. Both tried to out poor the other during the "Tell us about yourself" portion of the evening even thought both are now very wealthy. How'd that play to your constituents who are currently struggling, fellas? Let me guess, not very well.
    All that plus a new segment - One Dead Minute. It's a recap of the Walking Dead series. Don't miss it.
    Click the link or zombies will come to your house and mix your whites with your darks in the wash cycle.
    UFUF66: D is for dummy...
  • Pub Date: Oct 16, 2014
  • UFUF 65: Dems, Dwarfs, and Dictators
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  • UFUF 65: Dems, Dwarfs, and Dictators
    Guess what gang, it's election season. The mid-term elections are upon us and the candidates are cranking up the stupid. From a cripple bashing Dem running for Governor in Texas to a tight lipped Dem running for Senate in Kentucky, Hupp and I cover all the gaffes fit to mock. Plus - dwarf strippers impregnating an entire bachelor party! Well not the entire party, just the bride to be. Either way that's a quality show right there.
    Sweep the leg!
    You gotta problem with that! Well Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis doesn't. She unveiled an ad this week in which she takes shots at her challenger, a wheelchair bound paraplegic, for being in a wheel chair. She's down big in the polls so it's not an unprecedented move and the ad is not nearly as bad as we've all made it sound. But still the optics of the whole thing in unseemly and probably only hurts her in the long run.
    That's not mine!
    Uh yeah it is. Married only 9 months, a young husband is taken aback as a dwarf baby is brought to him in the hospital. Thinking the nurse brought the wrong baby from the nursery, his wife confesses to having sex with a dwarf stripper the night before the wedding. Holy crap. I. Can't. Even.
    Return of the UN!
    He's back! And he's ba.... no he's limping, and walking with a cane. Kim Jung Un had been out of the spotlight in North Korea for a while now. After a plea from the UF/UF audience, Kim reappears. Looking doughy, ill, and limping, the dear leader doesn't look long for this world. We report, you decide!
    All this plus a new game show from the twisted mind of Hupp. Not sure he's settled on a name yet, something like Politck-tionary or Stump the Dummy, or something. Either way, it's all designed to make me look the fool on a semi-live broadcast. Tune in to see if Hupp can trip me up!
  • Pub Date: Oct 09, 2014
  • UFUF 64: Liberals, Liberals, everywhere Liberals!
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  • UFUF 64: Liberals, Liberals, everywhere Liberals!
    Can't swing a dead Taliban without hitting a liberal these days. So tonight is all about them, us, you, whoever. From liberal tea parties to liberal muslim bashing we cover it all in UF/UF Episode 64. Don't miss it!
    Affleck! Affleck!
    Yeah he's about as annoying as that damn duck in the insurance commercials. Big difference: The Ben type Affleck found himself on the wrong end of a hissy fit about Muslim extremism. The opponent, none other than noted liberal/jagoff Bill Maher. Listen to us dissect the exchange then go google the video. Unreal.
    A Hill too far?
    Surprise surprise. Liberals are forming a grass roots movement within the party to raise up a challenger to their own Hillary Clinton. Looks and smell a lot like a Tea Party type deal to me, complete with corporate backing and faux grass roots origins. Can Senator Elizabeth Warren unseat Hill-dogg for the democratic nomination in 2016? (Spoiler: No she can't)
    Some of my best friends are racists!
    At least that's what a lesbian couple from Ohio would have you believe. They are suing the sperm bank from whence came the little swimmers for their bi-racial child because they wanted a white baby. The main thrust of their complaint, the bi-racial child will suffer undue burden because the entirety of their community is white and the birth mother's family is extremely insensitive, and apparently racist. Can't wait to see the ruling on this one.
    Plus Adrian Peterson is back and he's badder than ever, Tom Watson is still getting blasted by his Ryder Cup Team, and former head of the South Carolina Republican Party, Todd Kincannon, says all people showing symptoms of Ebola should be "put down."
    Click the link or we will send Ben Affleck to your house to explain Islam to you.
  • Pub Date: Oct 02, 2014
  • UFUF 63: We can't quit Mitt!
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  • UFUF 63: We can't quit Mitt!
    It's been a brutally tough September what with my kids starting school and Tony having to take all that vacation, but we are back. We'll be full throttle for October and the foreseeable future. Tonight we bring you beached walruses - lots of em, bad service that's no longer a secret, and republicans searching for themselves. Plus MITT'S GONNA RUN! The big questions is, who does this help and who does it hurt. The answers might surprise you.
    Well gee Tennessee...
    Tennessee Tuxedo and about 50,000 of his walrus friends went looking for summer sea ice on which to copulate. Finding none they went to the next best place, Sarah Palin's house. That's right, it's a walrus orgy on the shores of Alaska because the sea ice usually there for the walruses to mate on is gone. Thanks a lot Obama!
    Can you keep a secret?
    No, no they can't. They also can't keep the President safe either. And since that's their main function in life I'd say we have a problem at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The woman who took over the Secret Service after the South American Hooker scandal has created a few of her own, to include lying to a congressional hearing on how a retired vet managed to jump the fence and get to the east room with a knife. Let's not even discuss the armed man who got on an elevator with Obama, completely unchecked. Yikes.
    Mitt cracked the door a little wider on a 2016 run for the aforementioned unsecured White House. Now he'll run if the opposition in the republican primary is not too formidable as he's not up for a 6 month slug fest. Gang, book it here book it now, Mitt Romney is running for President in 2016...
    ... or is he? we report, you decide!
    Plus the Republicans trot out a "We are people too!" campaign with claims of Prius driving and all sorts of people friendly stuff. Problem #1 among a host of problems, the photos in the ads are all stock pictures from the internet.
    Don't miss it.