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Unfiltered and Unfettered covers politics, social and cultural issues, from a no-nonsense, logical yet common guy approach
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August 2016 Episodes:
  • Pub Date: Aug 07, 2016
  • UF/UF 136: Trump-gasm and the week that was
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  • UF/UF 136: Trump-gasm and the week that was.
    So it finally happened. It had been brewing. We saw glimpses of it throughout the campaign. But then, in the days following the Democratic Convention, we got to see Trump go full Trump. The obvious lesson here is you should never go full Trump, especially when running for President. Click the link and we’ll walk you through it. Plus back by popular demand, 5 Hard Questions is back!
    But you must listento hear our answers.
    You’re welcome America!
    Oh god these next few months up to the election could be awesome… in a galactic ending of the world kind of way.
    Faithful listener Don Taggart provides this week’s Signs of the Apocalypse. Send us your favorite news story portending the end of the world as we know it and we’ll shout you out on the program. Post below or send to the show’s e-mail – theunmail@yahoo.com
    Then tell us what you think, ask questions, argue with us, mock us. Do it in the comment section below or the show’s email: theunmail@yahoo.com