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Unfiltered and Unfettered covers politics, social and cultural issues, from a no-nonsense, logical yet common guy approach
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July 2014 Episodes:
  • Pub Date: Jul 31, 2014
  • UFUF 57: I fought the law....
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  • Big time episode for you tonight. With no new crisis brewing we can take a breath and asses the action we have going at the moment. It's not pretty out the folks, but fear not. Tony and I are here to sort it all out. You're welcome.
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    Here comes Johnny Law...
    That's right ladies and gents, the Speaker of the House, the 2nd most powerful man in the government, is taking Obama to court. Looking for law in all the wrong places, is John of Orange just giving the Dems ammo for November? We report, you decide!
    Don't call me Francis...
    In a most despicable move, the House of Representatives, namely the Republicans in the House, have blocked a bill honoring Pope Francis. The reason for the heinous blocking? The pope is too liberal because of his aid to the poor and his denouncement of trickle down economics. Folks this is what you get when you elect a bunch of know nothing, tea partiers. Only in America. Stupidity at it's finest.
    Signs of the Apocalypse
    I've long believed space is trying to tell us something. Now it looks like someone or something from outer space is trying to contact us directly. Problem: the signal and it's origin are of a place and material unknown to mankind at this moment. From somewhere deep in the Persus Cluster, a galaxy matching our own, a signal is headed our way. Are you ready?
    All this and a new Who Said That segment. Tony goes next level in his attempt to trip me up.
    You don't want to miss this. Trust me.
  • Pub Date: Jul 24, 2014
  • UFUF 56: Stop the Presses! Please somebody stop the presses.
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  • Depressing show for you tonight. More shoot downs in the Ukraine, Idina Menzel's boob pops out at Radio City music hall and she drops the F-Bomb... in front of a bunch of kids, the US State Department is of the hinges and the Plague, yes that Plague, has killed a man in China and sickened 100s of others. Where else but China could a Gov't lock down a city of 30,000 people? There is hope, Tony and I lay out our top 5 Political Movies of all time.
    Has to be true. I saw it on the internet!
    So the State Department has been relying on social media for its info on the shoot down of Malaysia flight MH176. Seems like a good idea. I mean if @ilikebigbutts from Palo Alto California doesn't have the straight dope on a Malaysian flight shot down over Ukraine, by Russian separatists, aided by a former KGB officer, well then who the hell does!?! Miss Hill-Dogg yet?
    Are you smarter than the 5th Estate?
    Yeah you probably are. Tonight we discuss the lofty ideals of our free press and wonder if it has ever lived up to the mythical standard. Was Walter Cronkite as liberally biased as Rachel Maddow of MSNBC is? Was Edward R Murrow pushing an agenda like Sean Hannity of Fox News does? We report, you decide!
    Just like Jackie? You mean Jackie Robinson? No, not even close.
    We'll be posting longer stories on this next week but the comparisons of Jackie Robinson, the first black player in Major League Baseball, to Michael Sam, the first openly gay player in the NFL have to stop. I'm serious, like now. Stop it. It's an insult to Jackie Robinson, his family, black ball players and sports fans in general. No kidding, just stop it.
    So yeah this episode may be a bit depressing, maudlin even but like I said, come for the wilting depression, stay for the Top 5 movie list. Tonight Top 5 Political Movies, ever!
    Don't get left behind. Listen.
  • Pub Date: Jul 18, 2014
  • UFUF 55: Burgers, Borscht, and Bad Decisions
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  • As Ancient Rome burned Emperor Nero sat on a hill and whittled away a piece of wood. Times have changed of course. Now it's the world that's burning, literally, and President Obama doesn't whittle, he goes for burgers. Big goings on this week and we cover it all, or at least a small portion of it. Plus resident "Legitimate" Rape guy Todd Akin has an epic appearance on MSNBC where he tries to man-splain his comments.

    I'll have the big fat nothing burger.
    The President was on a fund raising trip to Delaware when the Malaysian flight was shot out of the sky killing all 300+ people on board. Instead of making a statement, he went to a burger joint recommended by Crazy Joe Biden. The Prez's only thoughts on the matter, "I think it will be a terrible tragedy." Then he said , "And super size my fries." (not really)
    I'll have the Crimea, with a side of Kiev, oh and some Borscht!

    Comrade President Putin started this mess in the Crimea. Is he to blame, no matter who shot the plane down? With so many troops massed on the Ukraine border is he long from invading the entire country and taking the capital city of Ukraine? Does he really eat borscht? That stuff is nasty.

    Hey Cletus, watch this!
    Who had a worse Wednesday; the Michigan woman who shot herself in the face with her shotgun after slamming the butt to the floor trying to emphasize her point or Todd Akin, former Missouri Congressman who tried to explain why he said women don't get pregnant from legitimate rapes because their bodies can, "Shut that whole thing down." We report you decide!

    Plus Tony and I dissect AG Holder's comments about racial animus hindering the Obama Presidency, in our old segment "Is That Racist?"
    Click. Get smarter.
    UFUF 55: Burgers, Borscht, and Bad Decisions
  • Pub Date: Jul 10, 2014
  • Episode 54: Let's Move to Cleveland!
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  • Episode 54: Let's Move to Cleveland!

    Really big show for you tonight. I can't believe I'm typing this but Cleveland Ohio is dominating the news right now. The RNC picked Cleveland for their presidential convention in 2016 and LeBron James is said to be seriously considering a return to the Cavaliers. Both of those astound me, but since Hupp is from there he'll be carrying most of the podcast tonight... like most nights.

    We may talk about other stuff or we may just say Cleveland a lot.
    Cleveland Rocks...

    Or it least it should be rocking come August of 2016. That's when the Republicans will announce their candidate for President at their convention. In a bold move Reince Prebius picked Cleveland over Dallas in an attempt to garner more Ohio votes. Nice thought, but shouldn't this guy be unemployed by now?

    Cleveland is the City!
    It may just be in a midwest state but Cleveland is the current center of the sports world as LeBron James looks for a place to play this up-coming NBA season. Add to that the happening that is Johnny Manziel aka Johnny Football, and well you could, by month's end have the two biggest personalities in their respective sport playing in the Mistake by the Lake.

    Oh yeah this happened...
    Non-Cleveland related but US Representative Louie Gohmert (R) Texas, has put forth a proposal to defund the White House. No, sadly, not making this up. Do any of these dopes think past their noses? Let's say he's successful but then a Republican wins in 2016. Is Christie just gonna live in Jersey and commute to DC? Why does the self-proclaimed party of the constitution, the party of American's core values hate America so much? We report you decide!
    All that plus... OMG!... my favorite bit in the entire podcast-o-sphere! You guessed it. Another edition of Know Your Obama!
    Don't miss this!
    I'm serious. Don't.
    Podcast Season 2 Episode 54: Let's Move to Cleveland!

  • Pub Date: Jul 03, 2014
  • Episode 53: Hupp has a New Hobby - Futbol!
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  • Episode 53: Hupp has a New Hobby - Futbol!
    Oh we have a great on for you tonight. I mean they're all great this one might me the greatest. We're taking two of Hupp's favorite things: SCOTUS decisions about religion and Futbol! or soccer. So get some popcorn as we go head to head over the Supreme Court and the most popular sport on the planet.
    Where did our love go?
    Obama roughed up by the Supremes. The Supreme Court that is. Hobby Lobby plays the hypocritical faith card and wins. What's worse, the Court says Obama can't make recess appointments if John of Orange says the House is in a session even if no one is present. That's gotta sting.
    He's back and off crack!!!!
    Well for the moment he is. The coolest mayor in North America is back from rehab and ready to run Toronto again. The question; is Toronto ready? Is the world ready? I know I'm ready.
    Move over Jim.
    The results are in and Obama is now polling as the worst President (33%) since WWII. But it's not Jimmy Carter that has to move over. He's only polling at around 7%. It's big W, George Bush 43 that slides to second, polling around 28%. Third place, well that bastard is way back in the low teens.
    All this plus a new bit where Tony and I lay down 5 presidential decrees we would enact in "If I was President!"