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Unfiltered and Unfettered covers politics, social and cultural issues, from a no-nonsense, logical yet common guy approach
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June 2016 Episodes:
  • Pub Date: Jun 19, 2016
  • UF/UF 132: Haters Gonna Hate
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  • UF/UF 132: Haters Gonna Hate
    Who do you like for Prez? More to the point, who do you hate the least. That appears to be what the race for the White House has come to. Hill-dogg rebuilt her lead over Trump, up by 12pts now. But it also appears the country, no matter of party, hates both of them with equal vigor.
    We’ll sort it out, but you gotta listen. Go ahead. I dare you.
    Also we put God on the spot with the Five Easy Questions we’d ask when we take the eternal dirt nap. Don’t miss it.
    Then tell us what you think, ask questions, argue with us, mock us. Do it in the show’s email: theunmail@yahoo.com
  • Pub Date: Jun 05, 2016
  • UF/UF 131: Hillary Feelin the Bern?
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  • UF/UF 131: Hillary Feelin the Bern?
    Can she put him away? Can she avoid a jail stay? Is Joe ready to play? All these pithy questions and more will be answered tonight on UF/UF 131 Hillary Feelin the Bern? Plus a revival of sorts. The game show sweeping the nation, Know Your Obama, has be refurbished to Know Your Clinton. Don’t miss it!