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Unfiltered and Unfettered covers politics, social and cultural issues, from a no-nonsense, logical yet common guy approach
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June 2014 Episodes:
  • Pub Date: Jun 26, 2014
  • Episode 52: The tax man cometh!
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  • So yeah I know we're well past April 15th but you better recognize. The IRS is roaming free and doing what they want and getting away with it I might add. You need to keep 7 years of tax info in case they audit you, but don't ask them for a year's worth of e-mails about an ultra sensitive topic that could endanger the President by way of impeachment. Look man they have a lot of e-mails, just not the e-mails that implicate the President. In the words of Dana Carvey's Church Lady, "Isn't That Nice."
    We'll talk about some other stuff too.
    Don't e-mail us we'll e-mail you.
    The IRS loses a particular set of e-mails that might just detail the interaction between them and the President in regards to the IRS targeting Tea Party groups for harassment. AL other e-mails on the subject between everyone else have been turned over but somehow just the e-mails between IRS and the White House are missing. How could that have happened? Damn cyber space, it's so quirky.
    The Tea Party is dead. Long live blah blah blah....
    Hey if anyone can turn an uncontested slam dunk into a long range three with the best defender in your face it's the Republican Party. The establishment was on defense last night and they rejected the mini surge the Tea Party got from knocking out the Majority Leader last month. So in the primaries this week Tea Party - 1 Republican Establishment - 20ish. A blood bath it was.
    All Lawyered Up
    Theoretically the most powerful person in the government after the President, the Speaker of the House John of Orange has resorted to hiring a mouth piece to sue the President over his use of executive orders. Welcome to loserville Mr. Speaker. This is not a good look John. I mean the tan is hideous but this, this is something else. Has the smell of desperation to it.
    All that and some harrowing signs of the apocalypse. Don't miss it.
  • Pub Date: Jun 20, 2014
  • Episode 51: Hatred in U.S. Politics - Say it isn't so!
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  • So a good show for you tonight. We delve into the depressing world of hate in American politics. We cover it all from Rep. Steve King calling the President dirty names to John McCain blasting the President over Iraq while pics float around of the Senator literally arm in arm with ISIS, the group currently waging war on free Iraqis. Plus Hupp hates on soccer and the World Cup.
    He's being Ironical.
    So the guy who yelled out "You Lie!" during a State of the Union speech, and the guy you have to practically bribe to get any traction in Iowa come presidential campaign time, has called the President Kim Jong POTUS. Yes Rep. Steve King (R) of Iowa says the Pres. is more like a dictator. Try getting in the Iowa straw poll or on the ballot in Iowa without King's say so. The irony! It stings!
    Back to the future?
    Are we seeing the future of relations in the Middle East? The Sec of State and the President both allude to a possible deal with Iran to help stabilize the Iraq situation. Go ahead, take a minute, let that sink in. Of course that decision should come under serious scrutiny, but let's not get crazy. Oh OK let's. John McCain et al, blast the Pres. for even entertaining such ideas. Meanwhile a 2013 pic of McCain hanging with his new BFFs, the terror group causing all the problems in Iraq, hits the internet. The irony! It blinds me!
    Leave it open and they will come.
    The U.S. decides to allow any illegal immigrants who are under the age of 18 to stay in America. Let's try to guess what happens next. Yep. Hundreds if not thousands of kids are coming, being pushed, being smuggled into the U.S. of A. Who thinks sleeping in a cement detainment facility in south west Texas is better than being in their own country with their families? I don't. I can't imagine throwing my 5yr old over a fence into a country where he'll be an orphan, can't speak the language and has almost no future waiting for him. Who the hell put the stamp of approval on this idiocy?
    All that plus the return of T-Nak the Magnificent and Hupp tries to trip me up with his puny Presidential quiz questions.
  • Pub Date: Jun 12, 2014
  • Episode 50: Down goes Cantor! Down goes Cantor!
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  • Whoa nelly, take me home! I don't know what I've seen but I know I have seen too much!
    Republican Majority Leader in the House of Representatives Eric Cantor loses his primary election against Republican Tea Party challenger David Brat. Yeah you read that right. The most powerful Republican in the House will no longer be in the House, no longer be the Majority Leader after getting pounded by an economics professor from Randolph-Macon College in Ashland Virginia.
    The effects of this are yet to be seen. Is this the start of a run on establishment Republicans by the Tea Party? Has the Tea Party come back from the dead? Were they ever dead to begin with? Is this just another battle in the civil war raging inside the Republican Party? Is this good or bad for Republicans, Congress, the country? We'll talk, you listen, then make up your own mind.
    David Brat orders a De-Cantor
    Nobody from nowhere that no one saw coming beats top House Republican. Sounds like Mr. Smith goes to Washington right? Has to be a movie script right? Wrong. David Brat, school teacher, spender of no money, takes down Eric Cantor, the Majority Leader in congress. Cantor's internal polling people had him up by 34%. Cantor lost by 11%. Do the math, don't do the math, that's huge suckage on an epic scale.
    Hagel takes the Hill...
    ...alone. All alone. DoD Secretary Chuck Hagel testifies in congress over the Beau Bergdahl incident. As we've seen over and over, the Administration is lacking in what you would call full throated support of one of its cabinet members. Hagel is not going down alone though. He made it clear who was calling the final shots and it wasn't him.
    Turn out the lights. The party is ....over?
    Apparently not. The reports of the Tea Party demise was greatly exaggerated it seems. After not winning one primary election in early April, they win a big one last night. Taking down the Majority Leader was a big surprise, but really how much did the Tea Party have to do with that? They're taking credit but Brat's not crediting them very much. This story within the story may have legs. Stay tuned.
    All that plus a second rendition of our new segment "Oh No You Didn't!"
    Episode 50: Down goes Cantor! Down goes Cantor!
  • Pub Date: Jun 05, 2014
  • Episode 49: OK... That's a Wrap!
  • Listen:
  • Episode 49: OK... That's a Wrap!
    Two years ago I would have a hard time believing this to be true. In fact I would have and I have said you're a fu*&ing idiot, but now... I mean we may be reaching critical mass on an Obama impeachment. Look that’s not coming from a winger or a tea partier, I voted for the guy. I was caught up in Hope & Change just itching for someone to do the things Pres. Obama said he would do. Well, you can forget that. Second terms are always fraught with turmoil and scandal but Obama is taking that to new heights. Click the link and find out what’s going on!
    Joe the who now?
    Oh yeah Joe the plumber. You know the guy who isn't really a plumber and isn't really named Joe. Well yeah now Samuel Wurzelbacher says the dead kids in mass shootings should have no effect on his rights. True but maybe an actual plumber would have said that same line without looking like a big pile of un-flushed shit. We report you decide!
    A Presidential Outing
    Hey we aren’t talking about no trip to In & Out Burger. The Prez top guys outed the identity of the CIA's top guy in Afghanistan, while that dude was still under cover. Happens to a lot of Presidents really, but this current gang is developing a knack for stupendous screw-ups and bad decisions.
    The Bergdahl Bungle
    Tune in to Hardcore Politics as we discuss the giant cluster that is the Bergdahl happening. From the desertion/capture to the bad/good trade to the rampant lies and hypocrisy both conservatives and liberals are currently engaging in, we cover it all. Trust me don't miss it.