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Unfiltered and Unfettered covers politics, social and cultural issues, from a no-nonsense, logical yet common guy approach
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May 2014 Episodes:
  • Pub Date: May 22, 2014
  • Episode 48: Wheel! Of! Misfortune! Tea Party falters in primary challenges.
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  • We've mentioned it a few times, teased it even. Well we have arrived at that moment. It's election season!!!! Since you've been so patient we're throwing in a Pat Sajack Anti-Climate rant for free. Awesome!

    I'd like to buy a brain, Pat...
    As in lack there of. Letter Man Sajack goes off on twitter about what morons global warming/climate change believers are. Then he goes full Doocy, as in Fox News weather man Steve Doocy; "It's cold, where's the warming?" Really Pat. Staring at Vanna's amazing booty has softened your brain.

    Give me an M, Pat...
    As in Mitch McConnell. The Tea Party made good on its promise and takes down Mitch McConn... Oh wait no, no they actually got crushed by the Kentucky Senator. My bad. To add insult to injury, Big Time Mitch has Tea Party guy KY Sen Rand Paul open his victory speech. Don't f*&K with Mitch!

    Is there a B, Pat...
    As in Martha Stewart's Boobs! The felonious homemaker smuggled contraband cooking items out of the prison kitchen back to her cell area in her prison issued bra, where she whipped up eats for the cell block. I'll bet she made some new girlfriends with that little maneuver. I have a new respect for Martha and her sweater puppets.

    Podcast Season 2 Episode 48: Wheel! Of! Misfortune! Tea Party falters in primary challenges.
  • Pub Date: May 15, 2014
  • Episode 47: Benghazi for better or worse
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  • A really big show for you tonight. Round two of the new game sweeping the nation, Podcast Political Pop Quiz! Get your pencils and paper ready gang, it's a barn burner tonight. We'll also talk about our favorite dictator and our least favorite government - our own! Congress is about to convene a special panel to investigate Benghazi, will they finally get to the truth or will they devolve into a giant politically motivated cluster f*%k.
    He's one of those guys now...
    Karl "The Architect" Rove goes on live television and says Hillary Clinton has brain damage and her health should be a major question for the 2016 race. He stinks of attention desperation so bad I can smell him through my computer. Don't be that jackass Karl, don't be.
    This will not end well...
    The House has convened a special commission to investigate Benghazi even though 3 separate investigations have been conducted by the Republican side of the House. Leadership has said three things to R's running for reelection: 1.Don't fund raise off of this issue. 2.Don't pile on Hillary. 3.Find the truth don't make this an indictment of Obama. Well zero out of three ain't bad. Congressman Trey Gowdy may be the one guy who can keep this ship from running aground.
    Jesus phone home...
    The coolest guy on the planet just said the coolest thing ever uttered by a Pope. Francis says he'll baptize Martians if they so desire. Putting the IN in Inclusive, the Pope is reshaping the Catholic church and Christianity in large swaths. But a question remains. Does Christ's Vicar on Earth know something about a pending Martian presence the rest of us don't? We report, you decide!
    You don’t want to miss it.
  • Pub Date: May 08, 2014
  • Episode 46: The return of Monica...
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  • Episode 46: The return of Monica...

    If I didn't see it with my own eyes I would not have believed it. Lewinsky is back, and she's mad. Vanity Fair gives the most famous intern in the history of the world, pages and pages to vent on Bill, Hillary, et al. We dissect the meaning of this for all involved, including Tea Party Republicans. You do not want to miss this.
    She's baaaack!!!
    Monica returns to the spotlight and holds nothing back. Conservatives urge their Tea Party brethren not to take the bait. Focus on the issues, they say, Monica will only make Hill-dogg look sympathetic they say. Screw you, the Tea Party says.
    Stacey, Stacey, Stacey...
    Tennessee State Rep Stacey Campfield (R) Knoxville, compares Obamacare to the rounding up of Jews for the gas chambers. He clearly does not listen to our podcast. Stacey, I'm just gonna say it, you're an ass and you're not helping bro!
    Wolf in idiot's clothing.
    CNN, still on the missing jet liner story puts up a poll asking viewers where they think the Malaysian flight went. The choices: Ocean, hi-jacked, taken by aliens, slipped into 4th dimension. And no I am not making that up. Wolf Blitzer sits idly by while his news division becomes the ass end of every joke in the country. Remember when CNN made its bones during Desert Storm? Yeah me neither. WAKE UP WOLF!
    All this and a new bit for you tonight. Political trivia is here. Get out and buy the home version, play along during the podcast. Hurry, they're flying off the shelves.
    Episode 46: The return of Monica...
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  • Pub Date: May 01, 2014
  • Episode 45: Racists, Rebels, & Retreads.
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  • Episode 45: Racists, Rebels, & Retreads.
    Big show tonight. Fresh off our 1 week hiatus, we have some serious stuff lined up. We're talking racism - Bundy and Sterling and Gumble, rebellion - the good kind (Star Wars) and the bad kind (Republican civil war), and retreads - SOS John Kerry (who else).
    Let me tell you about the negro...
    Bundy espouses his beliefs on why the negro is lazy, all while taking welfare from the government, and stealing for years as he lets cattle graze on federal property. Sterling won't draft white guys because only the blacks can play ball and doesn't want his girlfriend to bring black guys to the game or be photographed with them because his boys make fun of him. In the words of Vince Lombardi "What the hell is going on around here!"
    It's a trap!!!!
    Speaker of the House, John Boehner, is called to a private meeting on the Hill after he returns from a weekend speaking engagement in Ohio. AT that speaking event, John of Orange let his own party have it with a mocking diatribe implying Republicans don't want to do anything that's hard, like immigration reform. Sit with your back to the wall John, and if there's plastic on the carpet - run.
    Jesus John, really?!?!
    Kerry says lifelong ally Israel is steps from being an apartheid state similar to South Africa years ago. He received the correct amount of scorn from the Right and crickets from the Left. In other words no support no where. Then he does the honorable thing, like when he threw his Vietnam medals over the Whitehouse fence, and says he never say nothin bout no apartheid. 1.9 million cells phones begin to play the audio clip from the meeting where Kerry said that very thing. Hill-dogg not lookin so bad now is she?
    All this and some ominous Signs of the Apocalypse. You'd think that would be redundant, but strangely it's not.