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Unfiltered and Unfettered covers politics, social and cultural issues, from a no-nonsense, logical yet common guy approach
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May 2013 Episodes:
  • Pub Date: May 30, 2013
  • Episode 10: Episode X!
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  • Yeah man, 10 episodes. Hard to believe. To celebrate our 5 months on the air we have some special features tonight.
    The news has been fast and furious to say the least. Listen to our take here:

    Weiner’s in!
    Disgraced NY Congressman Anthony Weiner is running for NY City Mayor. Already dodging questions about how many more crotch shots might be floating in the web -o-sphere. Can a 2016 run be far behind

    The Donald: Dropping coin, checking temps.
    Trump spends 1 mil on presidential exploratory committee. How awesome would that be. Will America say “your hired!” Probably not but presidential races can always use a good carnival barker. Lets hope he stays in to the convention
Unfiltered Unfettered
  • Pub Date: May 16, 2013
  • Episode 9 Bengahzi Benlyin Benspyin
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  • Whistle blowers are coming forward in droves now. Not just disgruntled State Department employees, but current CIA operatives and admin folk. 2016 is a long way off but Hil-Dogg may be damaged goods after this.

    Obama administration caught using the Department of Justice to spy on reporters from the Associated Press. On the same day this story breaks, it quietly gets out that Vladimir Putin has a “US Diplomat”/CIA agent in custody, embarrasses him on Russian television, and kicks him out of the country. Ryan Christopher Fogle was nabbed after trying to recruit a Russian into the CIA. Too bad for Ryan that Russian was an undercover secret service agent.
    All this plus a lively, and I do mean lively, debate on wether the Government has overstepped their bounds in the sexual education of our children.
Unfiltered Unfettered
  • Pub Date: May 03, 2013
  • Episode 8 Heroes and Zeros
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  • Where has Kim Jong Un gone? Collins is out, supporters shout, detractors pout. Serious in Syria. Linardo holds court in "Who said that?"