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Unfiltered and Unfettered covers politics, social and cultural issues, from a no-nonsense, logical yet common guy approach
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April 2014 Episodes:
  • Pub Date: Apr 17, 2014
  • Episode 44: Transparency redefined.
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  • Podcast Season 2 Episode 44: Transparency redefined.
    Awesome show tonight. We'll take on the English language as we try to define transparency in a manner suited to the Obama Administration. Wish us luck with that. And hold on to your hats, T-NAK returns. Fresh from his rejuvenating pilgrimage to Akron, T-Nak the magnificent returns to release his knowledge on us. Don't miss it!
    To Cool for School
    As the throngs of people rush the Pope Mobile, Pontif 1, Pope Francis lets two kids hop in the glass house on wheels for the ride of a life time. Is there a cooler guy on the planet right now? We report, you decide! But I think not.
    The war on journalism by the Obama Administration continues. A liberal leaning CBS reporter is the latest victim and she's calling out her profession for cowering in the shadow of the Nixonian style tactics of the Obama communications Junta
    Heaven Can't Wait
    Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) NY, says he's a lock of for heaven if God exists. He's earned it he says. It's a no brainer he says. This is bad I say. This smells like the start of the Apocalypse I say. Start stockpiling water. Now.
  • Pub Date: Apr 10, 2014
  • Episode 43: Bumblin, Stumblin, Fumblin
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  • Podcast Season 2 Episode 43: Bumblin, Stumblin, Fumblin
    eird show tonight. An unintentional theme popped up so we just ran with it. In short, as campaigners, the Republicans couldn't hit the water if they fell off a boat. We talk about several examples of the Rs blowing their own feet off just 6 short months from a chance at taking the Senate and retaining the House. Can the recover? Can they win? We report, you decide!
    Timing, it's always the timing.
    Ill informed and ill timed, our gal Sarah tags Rep Paul Ryan as a RINO. It was less than two years ago she was hailing him as the savior of conservatism now she's calling him a joke and a RINO. Mid-term elections are this November, was the really the time for this SP?
    Blocky McBlockertons
    GOP stops the Fair Pay Act. Legislation was crappy but the Rs seem unprepared for the spin applied by the Democrats. So what looks like a good decision to stop bad legislation is being reported as another road block by the party of NO. RNC Chair Reince Priebus is not ready for the big leagues. Should the Rs change horses right before the mid-term elections? You bet your ass they should, if they want to have a chance in 2016.
    You have to vote for it to find out what's in it?
    Speaker Boehner pulls a Pelosi and sneaks a bill past House members. The bill fixes medicare holes that would hurt doctors, but unknown to Tea Party members who did vote for it, the bill expands Obama-care making it easier for small business to sign up. The tri-corner hat guys are pissed and have declared war on establishment repubs. Get your popcorn folks, this is gettin good.
    Getting deeper into the weeds of election analysis.
    Podcast Season 2 Episode 43: Bumblin, Stumblin, Fumblin
  • Pub Date: Apr 03, 2014
  • Episode 42: Live from the Monolith
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  • Podcast Season 2 Episode 42: Live from the Monolith

    Big show for you tonight. For the first time is the shows storied history we have a live audience. Some lucky folk waited out the lousy Knoxville weather and were granted admittance to Monolith Studio 1B. These lucky fans picked a good night. It was the night Hupp finally paid the proper homage to the greatest athlete on the planet - Tiger Woods. Trust me, you don't want to miss it.
    Wait...She's Armenian
    Yes Kanye, she's Armenian. And now she's embroiled in the Syrian mess after using the twitter hashtag #savekessab in a tweet she thought was supporting the locals. What she really did was reuse a hashtag Assad's regime has been using to spread false information and engage in psych warfare against the rebels.
    To the highest bidder goes the lever pull.
    In a stunning ruling from the Supreme Court, individuals are no longer limited in how much they can give to a candidate or to how many candidates they can give. Is it open season on US Elections? Is democracy for sale? Is Hill-Dogg in a better position after this ruling? We report, you decide!
    He may not be your father, but he might be your President.
    This is not a joke. Again, this is not a joke. Darth Vader has qualified for the Presidential ballot in the Ukraine.
    All this and some interaction with a live audience. Well, they were alive when they came in here.
    Don't miss it.
    Podcast Season 2 Episode 42: Live from the Monolith