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  • Pub Date: Jul 04, 2015
  • UFUF 97: Solo no more, H-Rod has some competition.
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  • Consider me fooled. Last week we applauded former Senator James Webb, (D) Virginia, for staying out of the fracas. Preferring to watch the circus go by. Well I called that completely wrong. Webb has joined the fight. He, in my opinion, becomes the foremost threat to H-Rod taking the democratic nomination for President. A distinguished combat veteran who served with distinction in Vietnam, Webb will be formidable, and that may be a plus in the general election. Should Webb prevail in the primary, he becomes the weaker opponent of almost whomever the Republicans put up. It's getting good now.
    Oh yeah, the kid beater, Hope Solo and her soccer buddies take on Japan for the World Cup title on Sunday. Happy 4th everyone!
    Listen. Do it now, or we'll send Hope Solo to kick your face in!
    Tease me!
    I'm in!
    J Webb is coming for H-Rod. While Bernie is enjoying a surge at the moment, this is the guy who can go for the long haul. His threat will be indicated by the rhetoric coming from H-Rod's camp in the next few days. Every mention of Webb is a clearer indication that H-Rod views Webb as a bigger threat than Bernie.
    Now we have mail!
    H-Rod's mail has been released and we have them for you. Our crack staff has been reading non-stop for 36 hours straight. It's a salty group but they've culled some of the best for us to read on the air. Sit back an enjoy our new bit A Moment With Hillary.
    Solo for the defense!
    Putting her domestic crimes aside, Hope and the girls are in the finals at the World Cup. Taking on Japan Sunday they can avenge their 2011 loss to this same Japanese team. Win or lose I'm pretty sure we'll win the fight afterward.

    All that and so much more on UF/UF 97. Don't miss it!
    UF/UF 97: Solo no more, H-Rod has some competition.