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  • Pub Date: Oct 09, 2014
  • UFUF 64: Liberals, Liberals, everywhere Liberals!
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  • UFUF 64: Liberals, Liberals, everywhere Liberals!
    Can't swing a dead Taliban without hitting a liberal these days. So tonight is all about them, us, you, whoever. From liberal tea parties to liberal muslim bashing we cover it all in UF/UF Episode 64. Don't miss it!
    Affleck! Affleck!
    Yeah he's about as annoying as that damn duck in the insurance commercials. Big difference: The Ben type Affleck found himself on the wrong end of a hissy fit about Muslim extremism. The opponent, none other than noted liberal/jagoff Bill Maher. Listen to us dissect the exchange then go google the video. Unreal.
    A Hill too far?
    Surprise surprise. Liberals are forming a grass roots movement within the party to raise up a challenger to their own Hillary Clinton. Looks and smell a lot like a Tea Party type deal to me, complete with corporate backing and faux grass roots origins. Can Senator Elizabeth Warren unseat Hill-dogg for the democratic nomination in 2016? (Spoiler: No she can't)
    Some of my best friends are racists!
    At least that's what a lesbian couple from Ohio would have you believe. They are suing the sperm bank from whence came the little swimmers for their bi-racial child because they wanted a white baby. The main thrust of their complaint, the bi-racial child will suffer undue burden because the entirety of their community is white and the birth mother's family is extremely insensitive, and apparently racist. Can't wait to see the ruling on this one.
    Plus Adrian Peterson is back and he's badder than ever, Tom Watson is still getting blasted by his Ryder Cup Team, and former head of the South Carolina Republican Party, Todd Kincannon, says all people showing symptoms of Ebola should be "put down."
    Click the link or we will send Ben Affleck to your house to explain Islam to you.