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  • Pub Date: Dec 05, 2013
  • Episode 26: Pimps, Simps & Chimps
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  • Episode 26: Pimps, Simps, & Chimps
    Members only pimp swag
    The NRCC is straight pimpin a t-shirt that tries to insults liberals. Oh yeah, it insults Jews, Muslims, and any other non-Christian group that celebrates this holiday season in some fashion. Are they really saying the Republican party is just for old, Christian, white guys? In a word - Yes.
    Duke Nuke Em
    Simpletons drawn to the stupid like a moth to a flame. As Administration works to avoid conflict with Iran, Congressman Duncan Hunter, R CA, says we should deploy tactical nuke fleet and destroy Iran. Merry f*&^%ng Christmas and good will toward men, except toward muslims, persians, and others who are different from us.
    First in space, first in our hearts
    NY group goes to court to get "Tommy" the Chimpanzee recognized as a legal person. Shouldn't the descendant of Lt Ham, first life form ever in space, be given special consideration? Should they succeed would that make Tommy eligible for congress? I know a seat that may come open in California. Looking at you Duncan.
    All this and a bunch more on tonight's episode of UNfiltered & UNfettered - The world explained, by us.