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  • Pub Date: Jun 05, 2014
  • Episode 49: OK... That's a Wrap!
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  • Episode 49: OK... That's a Wrap!
    Two years ago I would have a hard time believing this to be true. In fact I would have and I have said you're a fu*&ing idiot, but now... I mean we may be reaching critical mass on an Obama impeachment. Look that’s not coming from a winger or a tea partier, I voted for the guy. I was caught up in Hope & Change just itching for someone to do the things Pres. Obama said he would do. Well, you can forget that. Second terms are always fraught with turmoil and scandal but Obama is taking that to new heights. Click the link and find out what’s going on!
    Joe the who now?
    Oh yeah Joe the plumber. You know the guy who isn't really a plumber and isn't really named Joe. Well yeah now Samuel Wurzelbacher says the dead kids in mass shootings should have no effect on his rights. True but maybe an actual plumber would have said that same line without looking like a big pile of un-flushed shit. We report you decide!
    A Presidential Outing
    Hey we aren’t talking about no trip to In & Out Burger. The Prez top guys outed the identity of the CIA's top guy in Afghanistan, while that dude was still under cover. Happens to a lot of Presidents really, but this current gang is developing a knack for stupendous screw-ups and bad decisions.
    The Bergdahl Bungle
    Tune in to Hardcore Politics as we discuss the giant cluster that is the Bergdahl happening. From the desertion/capture to the bad/good trade to the rampant lies and hypocrisy both conservatives and liberals are currently engaging in, we cover it all. Trust me don't miss it.