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  • Pub Date: Sep 04, 2014
  • UFUF60: Moscow on the Potomac
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  • UFUF60: Moscow on the Potomac
    Some pretty heavy trolling going on between Putin and the US, Ukraine, the rest of the world. Putin says in "confidence" that he could take the Ukrainian Capital City of Kiev in two weeks. Don't think for a second he didn't want that little tidbit splashed across the papers from Kiev, to London, to Washington. Remember gang he's the former head of the KGB. We'll explore Putin's latest moves and ask Sarah Palin if she can see him rearing his head up yet.
    Only click if you've got the guts.
    Welcome to Putinistan!
    Get used to this face gang, he may be the new leader of Eastern Europe when all is said and done. Going to Kiev in two weeks, starting a pipeline deal with China, old Puti Pute is making all the right moves in all the right places.... for the moment.
    Speaking of Commissar Putin...
    ISIS says they are coming for Russia next. Our own President may have announced to the world that he does not have a strategy yet, but old Vlad has got a few things up his sleeve I'm sure. I imagine those ISIS boys know what they're doin, but I believe going to Moscow may be a bridge too far.
    Russian Sex Geckos die in space!?!?
    You read that right folks. A gaggle, a brood, a herd... of overly sexually active geckos were sent to space on a Russian Satellite. Why I have no idea, but they were there and now they're not. Seems even with all the sex the geckos were makin, they froze to death. It all seems fishy to me as one member of the Russian Space Agency said they saw a gecko OUTSIDE the hull of the satellite and it was still crawling. I smell a conspiracy. We report, you decide!
    All this and our Super Bowl picks tonight. Cash in your kids college fund, we're picking can't miss winner tonight. (not really)
    UFUF60: Moscow on the Potomac?