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  • Pub Date: Apr 03, 2014
  • Episode 42: Live from the Monolith
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  • Podcast Season 2 Episode 42: Live from the Monolith

    Big show for you tonight. For the first time is the shows storied history we have a live audience. Some lucky folk waited out the lousy Knoxville weather and were granted admittance to Monolith Studio 1B. These lucky fans picked a good night. It was the night Hupp finally paid the proper homage to the greatest athlete on the planet - Tiger Woods. Trust me, you don't want to miss it.
    Wait...She's Armenian
    Yes Kanye, she's Armenian. And now she's embroiled in the Syrian mess after using the twitter hashtag #savekessab in a tweet she thought was supporting the locals. What she really did was reuse a hashtag Assad's regime has been using to spread false information and engage in psych warfare against the rebels.
    To the highest bidder goes the lever pull.
    In a stunning ruling from the Supreme Court, individuals are no longer limited in how much they can give to a candidate or to how many candidates they can give. Is it open season on US Elections? Is democracy for sale? Is Hill-Dogg in a better position after this ruling? We report, you decide!
    He may not be your father, but he might be your President.
    This is not a joke. Again, this is not a joke. Darth Vader has qualified for the Presidential ballot in the Ukraine.
    All this and some interaction with a live audience. Well, they were alive when they came in here.
    Don't miss it.
    Podcast Season 2 Episode 42: Live from the Monolith